I am delighted to have my piece On/Under playing at Glasgow's experimental music and sound art night INTER-11 on Tuesday 27th February. It takes place in Stereo with a start time of 7:45. £5 on the door. The night also includes pieces from Pete Stollery, Lina Tobler, Enda Bates and many more. For info please follow the link to Stereo. I'll make the piece available on the website after the event.

Thanks to those who braved the arctic condictions and ventured out last night. For those who, quite rightly, stayed in you can listen to my piece On/Under below. Headphones or sub speakers recommended. 

An experiment in field recording and detailed listening with focus on sonic morphology. Thinking about sonic identity, imagined identity and the city as a place of flux it is based on field recordings from on and under Glasgow bridges. The piece is made up of textural chapters punctuated by distinct events. These events trigger musical ideas, imaginary pieces of sound adding up to a real and imagined sonic space, a sonic image of a place in motion with flurries of activity, moments of stillness and moments of noise. The piece is written in stereo and is for concert performance or home listening.


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