Wild Life FM

Tommy Ga-Ken Wan photography

Tommy Ga-Ken Wan photography

CAMPO (Belgium) and local young people from South Ayrshire have set up Wild Life FM, a staged live radio show on how to discover yourself through music, a raw exposition of what it’s like being young in Scotland today, and a chance for the voices of young people in South Ayrshire to be heard. The young people define landmark moments in their life through music.

An NTS production as part of the Futureproof festival I’ve been working again with renowned director Pol Heyvaert, award winning performance artist Kim Noble and the young people of Ayr to create a raw piece of theatre led by music and sound.

As a show that already exists I’ve been developing musical material with the Ayr cast to fit in with what already exists from it’s performances in London, Munich, Brussels and Amsterdam. For the shows next week at the grand Gaiety Theatre the Ayr cast will be joined by cast members from London and Amsterdam. It’s going to be raw, explosive, confrontational, honest, heartbreaking and uplifting!

To find out more about this unique show and for future dates plesae visit Campo.