A Tale of Three Films

December was a busy month of film projects:

A Love Divided

I've just completed the score for A Love Divided, a 25 minute short based on the story of Romeo and Juliet made by theatre company Solar Bear. Shot beautifully in black and white without dialogue or recorded sound, the story is told by action and music alone. In a medium in which music normally takes a supporting role it was hugely enjoyable to have it take centre stage.

Marty Goes To Hollywood

An hour long documentary by Urban Croft and Underground Cinema Club, Marty Goes to Hollywood follows the journey of two friends who start a campaign to take their friend to the Hollywood premiere of Cloud Atlas, a movie he stars in. It follows the adventure of three kilt wearing guys naively attempting to take on the might of the American film industry. I finished the writing in November and we dubbed the film earlier this month. Again, look out for it at a festival or on your TV screens in 2015.

Alasdair Gray, A Life In Progress

The film I completed the score for last year got it’s official Glasgow premier on 14 Dec 2014 at the GFT and in early 2015 will tour cinemas in Scotland: DCA, Dundee 4 January 2015 is confirmed with more to follow. An hour long edit will also be broadcast on BBC2 Scotland 27 December 2014, 21:30 to celebrate Alasdair’s 80th birthday.

De-Fence Records release the soundtrack on January 26 2015 and are taking pre-sales from January 5. Limited release on vinyl only complete with hand screen printed sleeve.