Like being alone in the middle of a fairground.
— The Face
fantastic sampling, a beautiful electronic record.
— Record Collector
There are delicate treasures buried here...Ideal stuff for clubs where the wallflowers rule.
It is Metrovavan’s sturdier, more funked-up moments which triumph. Because of the Sun, in particular, fuses Money Markish breaks and pulsing disco beats to excellent effect. Nor has Twynholm’s recent two-year stay in Paris been without it’s benefits: the breezy, Air-like opener Space Shadows shimmers with an Air-like irresistible Gallic piquancy. A real treat.
— Mojo
If you locked Kraftwerk and Pulp in a room together they couldn’t do better. A concoction to warm the soul that’s a million miles from easy nostalgia, captivating and enchanting.
— DJ Magazine
Under the title derived from a computer term for the use of existing software in a new piece of hardware, Glasgow’s Scott Twynholm uses a wistful blend of analogue and digital effects to create a soundtrack for a world left far behind. Never has the future seemed so far away. Or so close.
— The Wire

Scott started his solo project Metrovavan in 2000 releasing the 7" single The Lost Notes on Liquefaction Empire. It was warmly received picking up single of the month in Record Collector Magazine and a few spins on Radio 1. The album Retrofitting  followed in 2001 on the same label and was subsequently released through Darla Records in the US. Although primarily a studio project Scott performed the songs live a handful of times, with shows in London, Glasgow and Miami. The project never officially finished, maybe one day we'll hear more from Metrovavan.

Click the picture opposite to view Max Carlson's video to the closing track on the Retrofitting album Red Hose Swing.

Metrovavan / Red Hose Swing / Directed by Max Carlson