Looper / Mondo 77 / Original video by Karn David

Looper was formed in 1998 by Belle and Sebastian bassist Stuart David and his wife Karn, I joined a year later on samples and keyboards. Stuart's brother Ronnie also joined on guitar. The live shows were multimedia events with Karn projecting her video work. After two albums, Up a Tree (1999) and The Geometrid (2000), followed by a three month tour of the U.S with The Flaming Lips we signed to Mute Records and released The Snare. I left the band in 2002 but have collaborated with Stuart on several projects since. Stuart continues to write under the Looper name. In 2014 we licensed the complete back catalogue to Mute who released the box set These Things in April 2015. It contains everything the band ever recorded plus a new record Offgrid:Offline.

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