Creative Scotland cuts to disabled and children's theatre. / by scott twynholm


In 2016 I was privileged to work with Robert Softley Gale and Birds of Paradise Theatre Company on their show Purposeless Movements. It was an ambitious, daring work that challenged perceptions on many levels. It was a show for everyone.

Yesterday BoP lost their three year Creative Scotland funding. They were not alone. Other disabled led artist organistations, community and children's theatre companies lost out too. I know strong and highly creative artists like Robert will find a way to make work in whatever the circumstance - the same can be said for any dedicated artist working in any medium - but this makes the creation of such work more challenging.

I'm delighted there are many worthy organisations who continue to receive funding but I'd like some answers as to the wider strategic meaning of such cuts and that's why I'll be writing to Creative Scotland and Fiona Hyslop. I urge you to do the same. – Tweet @FionaHyslop